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The Journey

  • Creating from the heart -Magical Yogi Wear prints

    Where do you get your ideas? That's a question that comes to me often. There are no hard and fast answers for that one. Recently I was explaining the creative process to my niece who was designing and building a shoe as part of a design mentorship program, I am part of. I told her to listen to her shoe and hear what it tells her to create.  I asked her what was her shoe asking for when she looked at it for a long minute. She answered "it needed more feathers in the back". "There you go!" I said. "Your shoe told you what it needed! Listen to your creation and it will guide you."


  • Astrology-Astrolotees- the new vibration on the planet

    Astrology- the language for the new Aquarian age. Although, astrology is an ancient symbolic language that speaks of the cosmic DNA of all life in our universe. The art of astrology requires a lot of mathematics, geometry and statistics and yet really only works when the astrologer has a highly acute intuition and understanding of the human psyche.