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About Marie-Joie Hughes

Marie-Joie Hughes is an artist and designer who started drawing as soon as she could hold a pencil. She always had for a penchant for the exotic, outrageous and the celestial realms. She started her professional career at 18 as an apprentice to the textile designer, Betsey Lamonte. Not having the money to continue art school, she dropped out of school but kept working. She spent the next 3 decades designing for many high-end retailers, such as Restoration Hardware and Williams-Sonoma Inc. Her work took her to the industrial slums of Asia to work in the textile factories. These travels have enriched her spiritual practice.

Because of her deep mystical beliefs, she sees this work as part of her spiritual path.

History and mysticism are her passions. Her years of studying the history of design led her to the conclusion that surface design started thousands of years ago as the language of magical symbols to protect the owner and make the owner's dreams and wishes come to fruition.

Surface design is actually a healing art and should be used to heal the planet and it's people.

These artworks are the beginning of the journey to bring art and design into the world as a healing tool.

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