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Creating from the heart -Magical Yogi Wear prints

Where do you get your ideas? That's a question that comes to me often. There are no hard and fast answers for that one. Recently I was explaining the creative process to my niece who was designing and building a shoe as part of a design mentorship program, I am part of. I told her to listen to her shoe and hear what it tells her to create.  I asked her what was her shoe asking for when she looked at it for a long minute. She answered "it needed more feathers in the back". "There you go!" I said. "Your shoe told you what it needed! Listen to your creation and it will guide you."

When I start a design, I have a vague idea...much of it comes to me during meditation or doing some mindless chore. I will collect some reference material on what I will draw, but when I start to draw- the work guides my hands. I look at the sketches and it tells me what to add. My hands move according to a non vocal guidance. The work will "tell me" now add this paint this color.

It has always been like that. When I paint a portrait of a person or an animal. I always start with their eyes. The completed eyes guide the rest. The soul of a being is in their eyes, so their soul comes out and guides the rest of the artwork.

Even as a tiny child, I knew my art work was guided by spirit and I was just the channel.

This "Lone Wolf" print, was a vision I had. I wanted to create a beautiful spell to heal all the destruction of the forests from the fires all over the world. I have always loved Russian fairy tale illustrations and Russian shawls. So I created a medicine blanket design like a Russian Babushka shawl. It had to be a powerful talisman for healing. I put characters of the forest in the paisleys.  Hidden in the little paisley scenes are many beings. Can you find them all ? The wolf paisley's tail-swirl is actually the symbol "OM". The universal cosmic vibration of creativity and life.

After I painted this piece I re-read up on the meanings of different animals in different cultures. Wolves are sacred in many parts of the world. Wolves were revered in the ancient Roman myths. The wolf mother raised the human twins Romulus and Remus who became great leaders and founded the city of Roman and ultimately the Roman world. Wolves are considered to be teachers, leaders and path finders in Native American lore. The term "leader of the pack" refers to wolves.

Unconsciously, I created a spell that tells us " Listen to your inner voice. It's your heart speaking.   Be a trail blazer, a leader and teacher to your own self, first." In order for us to heal the planet and create a new green world, we must listen to our hearts. We must lead with our hearts. The moon rules the emotions and the heart. Wolves have always obeyed the moon!

Your heart beats to the cosmic OM of the universe. It's pure love that keeps the beat going eternally! The purest forms of love are healing and creativity!

That is why Magical Yogi Wear was created. To spread love all over the world so we can heal and create a new world that is ruled by the heart,

not by greedy minds!


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  • MJ, I saw the OM the minute we received the Lone Wolf Bomber. You taking the time to share your creativity and love with all of us through your drawings which ultimately becomes “stories we wear”, is a gift only to be felt as it is beyond words. I am serious. That you take the time to hand draw these designs – all your designs, is something the whole Universe needs to know about. Thank you Dear One. XO ~ Leighsa (and Mom too!)

    Leighsa Marie Montrose

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