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Nyna Pais Caputi- owner of THE EXPAT - and winner of the Global Influencer Award, is wearing her Hamsa leggings during the Global Women's Virtual Summit she hosted in March, 2020. 

Magical Yogi Wear is designed to promote positive feelings. It's designed to be the clothing that becomes your favorite because it makes you feel good inside and it's super comfortable! It's not just for working out and for yoga practices.

All the prints are created to radiate positive energy and intentions! Visual symbols and colors are deeply imbedded in our subconscious and we actually carry the subconscious DNA of our ancestors! The ancient symbols, icons and images of nature that are used in Magical Yogi Wear prints are power images that have lived in our DNA for thousands of years- that's why they still resonate with us today!

The Hamsa is a very ancient symbol that originally came from the Ancient Egyptians-it was the protective eye of the Goddess ISIS. Hamsa means 5 in Arabic and 5 is a powerful number. The HAMSA has 5 fingers which actually are supposed poke out the "evil eye". Evil eye's were thought to be jealous intentions or deadly plagues! The Hamsa is the hand of the Goddess poised to poke out any "evil eyes"! It is a symbol that is sacred in several cultures, Islamic, Hebrew, Christian and even Buddhist. Hands are seen all over the world covering doors and doorways of houses. Each region might have a slightly different twist on the meaning but it's a pretty universal symbol of protection. It is even in the cave paintings in Spain- the El Castillo, which are said to be well over 10,000 years old.

  Possibly these hands are 40,000 years old and created by the Neanderthals who were a slightly different species that was thought to pre date the homo sapiens. Which makes the story all the more interesting! There are similar hands in the caves of Australia -half way around the globe!

Studying sacred symbols from around the world quickly makes one realize how we are all related and we carry the same stories deep in our DNA! Even at the earliest times of humanoid existence, we relied on symbols for our emotional and psychological well being. As soon as we could express ourselves with geometric and organic images we began to tell not only the story of who we were but what our fears, hopes and dreams were!

With the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 our world has been turned upside down and inside out! Now more than ever do we need the ancient healing, wisdom of our ancestors and our spirits! Deep inside we know that certain colors, animals plants or sacred icons make us feel safe, or make us feel strong. Wearing those images is an instinctual method of making us feel safe. What this pandemic brings home to all of us is that we are all vulnerable to the virus! We are one big family on this planet, having money or being from a certain society doesn't protect you from infection. What all great Shamans and healers have known for thousands of years is that we are all actually interconnected and made up of the same sub-atomic particles as everything else on the planet- including plants and minerals!

So these symbols live on through us, and we don't understand exactly why we gravitate to certain ones but they correspond to our own feelings and energy patterns.

Magical yogi wear is not just about being groovy and fashionable-it's about going deep inside one's self and really looking at what is important to one's being and embodying that energy or fulfilling that dream. Protection is also a good thing! Symbols help us remember to take care of ourselves. stay smart, be present and keep strong! We are all magical beings and as the late, great Carl Sagan said' We are all made of star stuff!

Shine brightly all you magical star beings!



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  • Marie Joie, it is apparent everything you do is done with love. I admire you for being a true to the bone, bonafide fair trade manufacturer. It’s not easy to think of your workers first in these situations. You are so conscientious and infusing ancient wisdom into your designs for their strength and wisdom is so good. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Please keep writing and sharing your experiences and philosophy. Much appreciated.


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