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Hands of Shakti

  Magical Yogi Wear original artwork created by hand. All prints for Magical Yogi Wear and Lil's Sparks of Magic are ORIGINAL designs- some are collages from old clip art- but most of them are hand drawn creations that just come out of my head and onto the paper. I use different mediums to create my artwork. Water color pencils and gouache paints are my main mediums. Infusing magical and sacred symbols textile and surface designs is something I have been doing for years. There are many designs I created for US retailers that had hidden symbols in them, only helped them to become huge best sellers. Textiles not only keep us covered but they tell stories. They tell the stories of our dreams and aspirations. For thousands of years textiles have always been covered in sacred and magical symbols all over the world. Most of these textiles are created-woven-embroidered by the women in most cultures around the world. This is Shakti- the feminine creative force. Magical Yogi Wear and Lil' Sparks of Magic follow this ancient tradition of women creating magic for the world.


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