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Astrology-Astrolotees- the new vibration on the planet

MJH, Susan Miller-world famous astrologer, Grace Noland
Astrology- the language for the new Aquarian age. Although, astrology is an ancient symbolic language that speaks of the cosmic DNA of all life in our universe. The art of astrology requires a lot of mathematics, geometry and statistics and yet really only works when the astrologer has a highly acute intuition and understanding of the human psyche.

For thousands of years different civilizations around the world have had their own astrological system to help them understand the past and present and see the future. The Mayan and Aztec cultures had a very intricate system. The ancient Chinese astrology is alive and well today as is the ancient Vedic astrology of India that goes back some 5000 years. No one in India gets married or does any new business ventures without consulting their astrologer. The Western astrology as we know it- started with the Greek, Egyptian and Babylonian astrologers. Naturally the Roman calendar was based on astrology and the gods who symbolized the planets. Astrologers were a necessary courtier for the rulers of Europe during the middle ages and Renaissance. It was only when the Inquisition took hold of Europe that astrology was demonized as witch craft.

During the age of reason, it resurfaced with the love of all things classical.

Isaac Newton was a big believer in astrology and studied the ancient Greek astrology in depth. But outside of the Farmer's almanac- it remained a very esoteric and hidden mystery until the 20th century. Western astrology evolved and included the planets -Uranus- discovered in 1781 right before the French Revolution. It is the planet of revolution, intuition and lightning fast change. The planet Pluto was discovered in 1930- prior to the discovery of atomic power and destruction. Plutonium! It is the planet that symbolizes power and destruction and then rebirth.

Western astrology became part of every house hold and newspaper section in the 1960's when the Hippie movement embraced yoga, meditation and the secret esoteric mysteries of the ancients like the Tarot, Earth Magick, paganism, shamanism and mind altering substances that reveal the true nature of being.

Astrology and psychology became linked when Carl Jung took a huge interest in astrology. Jung realized this ancient symbolic language of heroes and gods is embedded deep in our collective unconscious. We carry these symbols and myths in our DNA. Many of the great modern astrologers are (were) also clinical psychologists like Liz Greene, Steven Arroyo and Howard Sasportas. The astrology books by these great observers of the human psyche are not sporty little quips about which lip gloss color you should wear to match your sun sign.

The books by these astrologers are heavy duty psychology books that deal with serious mental and emotional issues that  can pass down from generation to generation in families. They are also books that shed light on the astrological patterns that effect the entire world. Every blade of grass and every sub atomic particle has an astrological natal (birth) chart. 

To get a big picture view of astrology, I highly recommend "Cosmos and Psyche" by Richard Tarnas. It is a brilliant historical over-view of how major astrological events over the last 4,000 years corresponded exactly with the major upheavals, revolutions and cultural shifts in beliefs and thinking around the globe.

But again- this is a very meaty- scholarly book-if you are looking for a snappy description of your sun sign -forget it!

BTW: Your astrological chart is a vast, complex picture of not only the energy you came into the world with- but also the energy carried by your parents and ancestors. Topped off with the karma your soul agreed to work on in this life. It's also not a frozen picture in time. It changes as you evolve and meet new challenges or decide not to meet those challenges. 

We are in a limbo period between the age of Pisces and the new age of Aquarius. Pisces ruled by Neptune, is the symbol of belief, faith and religion. The age of Pisces started with the birth of Christianity approximately 2000 years ago. Aquarius is the symbol of society as a whole. It is ruled by Uranus which is the symbolic ruler of innovation, revolution and technology. Uranus also rules astrology...maybe because astrology is a far out and intuitive science. Since are entering the Aquarian age-we need to be able to communicate in a Uranian language in order to understand and describe our new world. Uranus is a high octave planet-which means it vibrates at a higher pitch!

We gotta raise our vibrations! What better way to raise our antenna than by wearing our sun signs proudly! Get your "Astrolotees" today and get plugged into the new voltage!!!



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