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 April 2024- Magical community member is: Irlianna Samsara- Hellenistic astrologer and healer.

Eclipse Season began with a Lunar Eclipse Monday March 25th.  It kicks off the most astrologically monumental month of the year - April.   Yup, April has the most intense astrology of the year.
Before we get to April … how ‘bout that Lunar Eclipse in Libra?  
It was aligned with the Super Galactic Center, a gigundo black hole at the center of 33 galaxies, including our Milky Way.   
On April 8th, we’ll have a rare Total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Aries, and it will be visible in Mexico, the USA and a bit of Canada.  We haven’t seen a Total Solar Eclipse in 7 years, and the next one won’t be for 20 years!  This one will cross the path of the 2017 Great American Eclipse in the Missouri/Illinois area, an area known as Little Egypt. 
And if that’s not enough, we have Comet Pons-Brooks arriving between the two eclipses!  
Comets are rare, and especially so with eclipses!  Both herald major endings/major beginnings, and were often linked to changes in leadership, be it a monarch or empire.

Both Lunar and Solar eclipses speak to the breakdown of old, conditioned beliefs and relationship dynamics to start a wholly new, courageous, unique path that honors equality while discovering our authentic selves. 
The area of your chart in which these eclipses land are the areas of your life that will be going through this cosmic reset.  The full cycle only happens once every 18.6 years.  Truly the most powerful events in astrology!
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